The Incomplete Man, Dehumanizer’s debut album released


Dehumanizer has finally released their debut album titled “The Incomplete Man”, a self released production with 10 tracks, recorded, mixed and mastered at Quarter Note Estudio.


The Incomplete Man was recorded between august 2010 and september 2012 and was produced and funded by the band itself.¬† The songs of this album can be described as Death Thrash Metal with elements of Melodic and Progressive metal combining classic elements of metal genre as well as modern ones and influenced by bands like Opeth, Death and Cynic among others and which lyrics’ topics feature existencial issues about the origin of mankind, nature and evolution of this and society we live in nowadays

You can listen to the entire album online through the band’s SoundCloud site:


You can purchase the album in both Digital and CD Audio versions at the band’s Bandcamp site:

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The Incomplete Man Tracklist:

Road to Rebirth

One with the Universe

Worldwide Corruption

Against the Wall

Demon of Fear

Judgement of the Devas

Omitted Equilibrum

Under this Sky Perish

Invisible Walls

The Incomplete Man

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