dehumanizer biography Formed in 2003 by César Gutiérrez, the band experienced a lot of line up changes till early 2006. During December 2004 when most of the former members left the band César Gutiérrez recorded "The Nefast Contradiction" Demo (guitars, vocals and bass were recorded by him, drums were programmed, additional solos recorded by Jarot Gutiérrez former guitarist). During 2006 with a more stable line up that consisted on: Juan Carlos Gonzalez (vocals) César Gutiérrez (guitar), Carlos Ferreyros and then Desbal Jara (guitar), Alejandro Hernandez (bass), and Hans Zapata (drums) the band played some gigs including the Chuck Schuldiner tribute in Lima-Perú in december 2006.

In may 2007 the band decided to re-record three of the four songs from the 2004 "Nefast Contradiction" demo plus an additional new song as a test for the band to see how ready they were for the recording of their first full length album that they had in mind since the beginning of 2007, being the tracklist of this demo the following:
1.- False Face, 2.- Nefast Contradiction, 3.- Irrational acts, 4.- Retrospective.

For this recording the band had, once again, the collaboration of Jarot Gutiérrez from Peruvian metal band “Aevum” (due to the fact that the former second guitarist left the band in early 2007) and César Gutiérrez had to record vocals due to the fact that Juan Carlos didn't take part of the recording sessions due to personal issues. As a result of these recordings, the decision to replace drummer Hans Zapata was taken.

Since then the band went into a forced break due to the fact that they never found a drummer and a second lead guitarist suitable enough for the band's music style until early 2010 when brothers Daniel R and Daniel Y Ibarcena joined Dehumanizer, bringing the band back to life, ready to rehearsal and to work on the songs the band is planning to record for their debut album.

Dehumanizer is back on track, stronger than ever, ready to dehumanize the whole fucking world!

Dehumanize the mind, Dehumanize the soul, Dehumanize them all!

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